Pictures at an Exhibition 2024

This year Links Bridge Vineyards will be featuring 13 different exhibits by local artists, each lasting three weeks.  The first exhibit begins Saturday February 24, and the last ends Sunday December 15.  We provide a calendar of exhibits below.

Quite a few of the artists on this year’s calendar are plein air painters who like to work outside in the elements, braving mosquitos, rain, and sunburn to capture the fleeting colors, lighting, and atmosphere of their subjects.  But you’ll also see skilled studio artists whose work includes portraits, landscapes, and still lives.  And across the group as a whole you’ll see art works that cover the territory:  representational and abstract, realistic and surrealistic, and created using a wide variety of media and techniques.  The overall message of these exhibits is that our locale inspires a flourishing and talented community of artists.

For the last exhibit of the year, just before the winter holidays (November 30-December 15), we will invite each artist from each exhibit to bring back our favorite picture.  As you visit Links Bridge through the year, we hope you’ll help us pick the favorites for this final “Year in Review” exhibit!



Ann Schaefer, Feb 24-Mar 10
“Plein Air of Town and Country, Maryland”

Oil paintings of familiar rural and town scenes in Maryland from the hills of Frederick County to the waters of the Eastern Shore.  Working outside with the ever-changing play of light, she uses quick brushstrokes to capture the ephemeral highlights and shadows.

Morning Shadows, Boonsboro
© Ann Schaefer




Veronica Barker-Barzel, Mar 16-31
“Alternative Possibilities”

Veronica Barker-Barzel is a fine art printmaker.  She incorporates symbolism throughout her art including both Western and Eastern cultural influences, and often anchors her art-work with Celtic knot-work incorporated in the borders.

In Dreams
© Vero Barker-Barzel



Marlene Sapperstein, April 6-21
“Three States Impressions”

This exhibit showcases acrylic-on-canvas landscapes from Maryland, Florida, and Virginia.  Serene water, wildlife, and gardens so skillfully rendered as to cause the viewer to pause in reverie.

Bright Day
© Marlene Sapperstein

Frederick Plein Air Artists,
April 27-May 12
“Through the Artist’s Eye”

James Bricker, Margaret Huddy, Rebecca Jackson, Mary Garwood, Jane Knighton, Elayne Rogge, Paula Rubin-Wexler, Ann Schaefer, Bonnie Sydnor, Peggy Thompson, Debbie Turcotte

An exhibition and sale of stunning plein air paintings by ten local artists , each expressing views of local landscapes through their individual artistic styles and sensitivities.

Fresh Cut
© James Bricker


Jim Schlett, May 18-June 2
“Our National Parks–Our Best Idea”

Since 2016, award-winning photographer Jim Schlett has been selected as an Artist-In-Resident at 11 different National Park sites. Many of the images are taken after long hikes to catch the moment of the “golden light.”  Included are nearby national parks like Catoctin, Gettysburg, Harpers Ferry and Manassas.


Shenandoah Dusk
© James Schlett




Tuesday Painters, June 8-30
“Diverse Beauty”

Sandy Cook, Linda Goddard, Saboora Haider, Jodi O’Connell, Don Oullette, Mary Pfister, Kristin Simanek, and Emily Sloviko

“Tuesday Painters” is a group of experienced and accomplished fine art painters who meet on Tuesdays to paint together and inspire each other.  Some of the painters have met for as long as 30 years.  This is an amazing family of artists who interpret the world around them in beautiful and diverse styles.


© Saboora Haider


Seth Holmes, July 6-21
“A World of Whimsy”

A collection of watercolor paintings by Frederick-born, Waynesboro PA-based artist Seth Holmes that reflect the fun, whimsical, and weird way he views the world.  Seth enjoys incorporating elements of storytelling into his scenes of landscapes, people, and ‘architectural caricatures.’

By the Light of the Silvery Moon
© Seth Holmes


Deborah Lovelace Richardson
July 27-Aug 11
“Farms and Fields, An Artist’s View”

An exhibit of Frederick County landscapes done on location in plein-air.  This area of Maryland, with its farmland and rolling hills, offers up many beautiful vistas that are always an artistic inspiration.

© Deborah Lovelace Richardson


Pauline Rakis, Aug 17-Sept 1

An exhibit of non-representational acrylics by Pauline Rakis.  Rakis is a full-time artist and an Associate Artist at Riverworks Art Center in Beallsville, Maryland.  She is an intuitive painter who follows few “art rules.”  Her paintings emerge from the heart and the gut and speak eloquently to the viewer.

Guardian Angel
© Pauline Rakis


Paula Rubin-Wexler, Sept 7-22
“The Voice of Vistas: A Plein Air Artist Speaks”

Paula Rubin-Wexler is known for her big skies and abstracted landscapes, and for her deep understanding of the moods, colors, and atmosphere of the vistas she loves to paint.  Her work has been described as having a compelling simplicity and a Zen-like quality.

Late Summer at the Farm
© Paula Rubin-Wexler



From the Hands of the Artists Group
Sept 28-Oct 13
“Idyllic Memories”

Sandy Cook, Pam Herrick, Ann Lundahl, Robin Seidel, and Stephanie Torres

Collected works of five Frederick artists who often work together for mutual inspiration and share together the pleasure that creating art provides.

© Pam Herrick


Chris Carr, Oct 19-Nov 3
“Watercolors by Chris Carr”

Realistic and incredibly detailed watercolors capturing classic Frederick County scenes.  Chris (1969-2018) is famous for his beautiful depictions of old trucks and tractors and vintage barns.

Chris Carr with “Winter Church”
©Chris Carr Watercolors LLC



Galina Kolosovskaya, Nov 9-24
“Joyful Creations–Fine Art and Craft”

Kolosovskaya executes masterly paintings in styles that range from classic still life to mixed media works that feature paint and feathers!  You’ll be intrigued by what she has to show you this year.

©Galina Kolosovskaya


Links Bridge Favorites from 2024
Nov 30-Dec 15
“The Year in Review”

Our (meaning us, our staff, and our customers) favorites, one work from each artist who exhibited at Links Bridge Vineyards during 2024.