Soon Open For Business!

June 9, 2017 / News

Soon open for business!  That’s the headline in our lives right now.

We’re still not able to communicate an actual opening date, but we’re getting close.  Come what may, Links Bridge Vineyards will start offering wine tastings by appointment on July 1. Soon after, we expect to be open regularly on Saturday and Sunday afternoons through the end of October, and will continue to offer tastings by appointment during other days of the week and times of the year.

Here’s how things stand at present.  We have a winery building under construction.  It has a floor, some plumbing, and a roof.  We are renovating our old barn as a sales area for the winery.  New windows are beginning to appear in its exterior walls, and whole new walls are beginning to appear inside.  There’s still a lot of work to come, but we hope these two projects will at least have reached the “light at the end of the tunnel” stage by the end of June.

Meanwhile, we’re taking care of our four acres of vines and hoping that the wet weather won’t actually drown them.  When it rains so hard that viticulture is no longer possible, we pause for a while and think of the day when we can shake your hand and say “come on in and taste our wine.”

More to follow.

Continued …

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