June 1, 2022 / News

Paintings by Elizabeth Floyd and her Students–June 4 through July 3
at Links Bridge Vineyards

Elizabeth Floyd began her career as an architect, but her true passion was to be an artist.  Today she is a well-known painter in three main genres: still life, figurative, and landscape.  Floyd has received recognition in local and international art exhibitions and competitions.  Her work is represented in the Principle Gallery/Alexandria, the Anderson Fine Art Gallery, and Galerie Kornye West, and has appeared in numerous publications.

Floyd loves painting the flowers she grows in her own garden and works with oils in a colorist manner utilizing a full-color palette.  She teaches painting classes and workshops locally at the Art League in Old Town Alexandria, VA and the Arts of Great Falls in Great Falls, VA.  (Some of her classes are available on-line.)

Camellias and Witchhazel by Elizabeth Floyd. All rights reserved.

One technique Floyd used to develop her own amazing skill in still life rendering was copying masterpieces at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.  Analyzing and reverse-engineering the effects used in creating these masterworks enabled Floyd to learn new painting approaches and skills and apply them to her own work.  In her “Master Copy” classes, she now teaches this learning technique to her students.  These multi-week classes focus on work by a selected artist.  In the first half of the course, students expand their painting skills and powers of observation by creating a master copy of one of the artist’s paintings.  In the last half of the course, they apply the approaches and skills learned to a new painting of their own.  The basic idea is “learn new skills from a master, then apply them to your own way of creative expression.”

Table With Apples, inspired by Cézanne, by Elizabeth Floyd.. All rights reserved.

Floyd will be exhibiting some of her own Master Copy creations together with those of her students in our tasting room at Links Bridge. Works will include master copies and original pieces inspired by Jean Siméon Chardin, Willem van Aelst, and Paul Cézanne. After seeing these paintings, both inspirational and beautiful, some of you may be interested in joining one of Floyd’s classes.  In any case, the exhibit will be a joyful event and we invite you to study these paintings while you enjoy a glass of wine.

This special exhibit will be on display in the tasting room from June 4 to July 3.

For more information about Floyd’s classes and about her own work, go to https://elizabethfloyd.com


June 8-30:  The Tuesday Painters.  Portraits, still lives, landscapes, and wildlife paintings by eight very accomplished local artists.

June 15:  Goat Yoga Returns!

(Look here for our complete upcoming schedule of artists’ exhibits for the year!)

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