Photographs by Michael Farnham

June 30, 2021 / News

Photographs by Michael Farnham

Saturdays and Sundays July 10-25

Starting soon, Links Bridge Vineyards will host an exhibit of photographs by Michael Farnham, a professional photographer who lives in northern Virginia.  In the course of naval, civil engineering, and state department careers Michael has made pictures all over the world.  In this exhibit, however, he will present some local Virginia, Maryland, and Frederick County landscapes. We are excited to have the opportunity to showcase his work.

Michael began his photographic career making vacation pictures with a childhood Brownie Hawkeye box camera.  From that time onward (generally with more sophisticated equipment) he has focused his lenses on a wide variety of subjects and locales, from mid-60s Manhattan to the South Pacific and the coasts of Africa.  Through his work travels and filming he has developed a strong sense of the field of view, color, palette definition, and framing the shot.  Today Michael continues photographing, both as a recreation and for his State Department work.

Michael’s work has recently been exhibited at the Torpedo Factory Art League Gallery and at Gallery 75.   He has been a contributing photographer for National Geographic’s Your Shot program, with a couple of recent Editor’s Favorites selections.  And he continues photographing, both as a recreation and in his documentary work for the Department of State.

Michael will be at Links Bridge on Saturday July 10 from 1-3 pm to talk about his work.  We hope you’ll come by to say hello!

Joan & Bob

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Marcelo Novo exhibit ends July 4

June 29, 2021 / News

Novo exhibit ends Sunday July 4

Many visiting Links Bridge Vineyards have enjoyed our exhibit of paintings by Marcelo Novo.  (Look here for additional information.)  July 4th is the last day of the exhibit, and on that day Marcelo will be back at 3pm for a closing reception.  (While he’s here we’ll have 2017 River Rocks sparkling wine available by the glass!)  If you’d like to meet Marcelo, come on by!


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Paintings by Marcelo Novo

June 22, 2021 / News

Paintings by Marcelo Novo, on exhibit through Sunday July 4

This summer we are excited to be hosting a fascinating exhibit of paintings by Marcelo Novo.  Born in Buenos Aires, Novo graduated from Argentina’s Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, studied under the surrealist painter Roberto Aizenberg, and later earned a master’s degree from the University of South Carolina. Since 1992 he has lived and worked in the USA, currently in Washington, DC.

“Journey.”  2007, acrylic on maps and stamps on canvas.  20×16 in.
© 2007 Marcelo Novo

Novo is a well-known contemporary artist both in South America and in the United States.  His work has been featured in galleries and museums throughout the USA and abroad. His paintings are colorful, strong, and emotional.  Links Bridge is very pleased to have the opportunity to display his work!

The exhibit at Links Bridge extends through Sunday July 4.  It includes a selection of works from Novo’s “Maps and Stamps Series.”  In this series, the painting surfaces are maps of the USA and other parts of the world, on which Novo has painted instinctive/subconscious images that relate to his travels, identity, and sense of place. Please join us at Links Bridge for this great opportunity to see his work “up close and personal.”

Visit to learn more about the artist.

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Brent Heath to Talk on “Bulbs as Companion Plants”

May 11, 2021 / News

Brent Heath: Talk on “Bulbs as Companion Plants”
June 5-6

We are excited to announce that Brent Heath, of Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, will be at Links Bridge Vineyards over the June 5-6 weekend to give a talk on the subject of  “Bulbs as Companion Plants.”

The Heath family has been growing beautiful bulbs in Gloucester, Virginia since 1900.  Their journey began when Brent’s grandfather, lover of daffodils, moved to the area to start his farm.  Today Brent and Becky Heath continue the tradition he began.  Together they are proud bulb suppliers, garden writers, photographers, lecturers, consultants, and educators.  Over 8 acres of their 28-acre farm are devoted to educational gardens where visitors are invited to learn more about sustainable gardening.

With exquisite images illustrating the talk, Brent will introduce you to the best of the best…the right bulbs for the right spots.  He’ll show you how to combine bulbs, perennials, annuals, ground covers and flowering shrubs that will create just the feeling you want to generate for three seasons in your garden.  After the talk he will lead a walk around the garden at Links Bridge.
You’ll have lots of opportunities during the talk and the garden walk to ask questions.

After seeing and experiencing this talk, you’ll leave with information and inspiration to produce a garden that you (and your neighbors and friends) will enjoy all year.

Brent will present his talk at these times:

  • Saturday June 5, 1 pm
  • Saturday June 5, 3 pm
  • Sunday June 6, 1 pm

The cost is $35 per participant for the talk and a glass of wine of your choice.  Seating  is limited so sign up quickly!  Call 301-466-2413 to register.

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Roger Crist, Woodworking Artisan

May 7, 2021 / News

Roger Crist, Woodworking Artisan

Hello all!

Here’s an encore we’ve been looking forward to:  Roger Crist, designer and builder of artful furniture from old wine barrels and other interesting materials, will soon be here for a return engagement.

Visit us from Saturday May 29 through Sunday June 6 to see a new group of his works on display.  It’s always both amazing and fun to see his latest creations–this year’s selection even features a wine cabinet made from a circa 1900 upright piano!

By the way, Roger’s talents are not limited to woodworking.  Some of you will also know him as the Director of the Frederick Catoctones Barbershop Chorus. This well-known a cappella group has been relatively quiet for the past year due to COVID, but we’re looking forward to hearing from it again in the near future.

Best wishes!
Bob & Joan

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We Double Dog Dare You!

May 6, 2021 / News

We Double Dog Dare You!

On May 15, 1-3 pm, the Double Dog Dare Rescue organization will be here with a selection of dogs looking for good homes.

Double Dog Dare has rescued these wonderful dogs from destruction, placing them in temporary foster homes until permanent owners can be found.

We encourage you to come by and visit with the dogs and their foster owners.

You never know…you may leave Links Bridge Vineyards with something more than a bottle of wine!

(For more information about Double Dog Dare Rescue, look here.)

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December 3-4–Our final open weekend until February 4-5!  (We’ll be open by appointment in the interim.)

November 26-December 4–Paintings and drawings by Brittany Wright.  Look here for more info.

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